The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Trying to find the right Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Have you ever wanted to try something really fun, that gave you a great workout at the same time?

Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It’s not, though: that’s exactly what you get from stand up paddle boarding.

When I decided to look for an inflatable stand up paddle board, at first I didn’t know where to begin. I needed something that was easily stored, but I didn’t want to sacrifice any of the stability that a lot of inflatables do to make it possible.

After some exhaustive online searching, I narrowed down to four very similar, yet different inflatable stand up paddle board packages. The Isle inflatable stand up paddle board, the Jobe inflatable SUP, the inflatable Aqua Marina stand up paddle board, and the Tower Adventurer inflatable.

A Closer Look

1) Isle Inflatable Paddle Board

inflatable stand up paddle boardFirst let’s talk about the 12 ft 6 inch Isle inflatable stand up paddle board made by Isle paddle boards. The package I found came with a three piece travel paddle, a pump, and removable fins. It boasts military grade material giving it high durability, a touring style design for better control and ease of use in choppy water, and the ability to support multiple people up to 300 lbs.

Overall this board seems nice, but the great length coupled with the thin form of the board means there will be plenty of times that your feet will get wet. Also I have seen in other reviews that removable fins can sometimes be problematic, and the price was a little too high.

2) Jobe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Jobe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardNext we have the 10ft 6in Jobe inflatable stand up paddle board. It also includes an adjustable three piece paddle and a high pressure hand pump, and does have a D-­ring for attaching a leash. It also looks like a decent package at first.

I like the idea of a smaller size, but the form didn’t strike me the same way the Isle inflatable paddle board had, and it also has removable fins.

The packages I saw made no mention of the materials used, but it looks to have good carrying capacity and some unlisted bonuses are included such as the tote bag which doubles as a dry bag. However it is on the heavier side and the build looks a little cumbersome.

3) Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

inflatable stand up paddle boardThe next board I set my sights on is the 10ft, 10in inflatable stand up paddle board by Aqua Marina. This board really serves as a happy medium between the first two, nicer form factor but not quite as long or expensive.

It also comes with a 3 piece paddle, a small hand pump, a 255 pound weight limit, and plenty of D-rings. It even includes an elastic bungee cord to help with your cargo needs.

The drawbacks to this one, I found, were again detachable fins that break easily and reportedly it isn’t quite as stable as a standard board.

4) Tower Adventurer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Lastly I discovered the Tower Adventurer inflatable stand up paddle board. Right away the extra thickness it offered over other boards jumped out at me. Six inches thick as opposed to the four inches offered by other inflatable boards.

inflatable stand up paddle board

The build quality looked amazing, and it collapses down to a nice compact package. It has the highest weight limit of all the inflatable stand paddle boards that I examined, at 350 pounds, and integrated fins. It is made of military grade PVC with drop stitch construction.

The quality of materials combined with the extra thickness make this board really feel every bit as stiff as a standard stand up paddle board and gives you plenty of extra clearance to keep your feet dry.

The Tower Adventurer Is The Way To Go!!

I’m not really a yoga person but check out the video of people doing yoga while floating on this board!! That’s how stable it is! This gives me no doubt that it will definitely perform very well in choppy water or whatever I throw at it.

I must say, the more I read about this sup inflatable the more it separated itself from the pack.

It’s lighter and packs down smaller, and the integrated fins are the icing on the cake. The main fin is still removable, but it attaches very solidly and I have had no issues with it.

I would definitely recommend the Tower Adventurer inflatable stand up paddle board to anyone, even a hardcore paddle board enthusiast will be shocked at how stiff and rigid it feels.

Combined with the much cheaper price tag and much easier storage makes this definitely the right inflatable stand up paddle board for me, and I’m confident it will be the right board for you too.

Not convinced? Check out this board on here to see for yourself.