Change The Way You Think About Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

What do you know about inflatable SUP boards?

inflatable sup reviewStand up paddle boarding is the watersport sensation that is gaining popularity every day. By now you’ve probably heard about inflatable alternatives to standard fiberglass boards, but it can be easy to get the impression that they do not compare.

At least that is what I thought initially.

This past summer I made the decision to get into stand up paddle boarding, but living in an apartment I didn’t have room to store a full size board. Luckily for me there are plenty of SUP inflatable options to choose from, all with various advantages and disadvantages, but I had to find the best inflatable sup.

I read one inflatable SUP review after another and one definitely stands out above the rest. That one is the Tower Adventurer SUP inflatable.

Is There a Positive Inflatable SUP Review?

I have to admit, at first I was a little disheartened when I began researching for a honest and accurate inflatable SUP review.  Most of the other reviews I read indicated a few inherent problems to using an inflatable that I really thought would kill the idea of buying one at all for me.

I don’t like the thought of sagginess in the middle or standing in a pool of water the entire time. I kept getting the mental image of trying to balance on inflatable pool toy out in the choppy bay water, and that did not look like fun.

Also I see lots of people criticizing inflatables for poor build quality and some for being even heavier than some standard boards.

At one point I almost gave up, I didn’t want to read one more inflatable SUP review. But I decided to look at one more, and I’m so glad I pressed on because the next one is the Tower Adventurer.

It Looks Like The Total Package.

The inflatable SUP review I read for the Adventurer lauded it for it’s build quality and ease of inflation with the included hand pump, even the included paddle seemed to be just fine for most people.inflatable sup review

Reviews of other company’s inflatable boards were very critical of these inclusions. Some people even said that they had to go right out and buy a better hand pump. Others said that the included paddle in the package was flimsy and did not perform as well as they needed.

This is a big deal for me, as much as the board quality is the most important part, I think it’s also important to be ready to go right out of the box.

So after carefully considering this inflatable SUP review, and all the other ones, I decided to jump in and order the Tower Adventurer. I had carefully weighed the components and details of each type of board and this one seemed to be the best fit.

But How Does It Perform?

I have to say, after using the Tower Adventurer more than a few times I am really impressed with how much like a standard board it feels like when you are out on the water. It really delivers in every way the inflatable SUP review said it would. I really feel like it is the best inflatable SUP on the market.

inflatable sup reviewIn each inflatable SUP review that I read on the Tower Adventurer they made sure to emphasize the extra thickness, and I’m glad they did because that’s what really sold it for me. It really counts for a lot.

When you are out there on the water it handles great and feels every bit as rigid and stiff as a fiberglass board.

I had no trouble at all keeping up with my friends who all had standard paddle boards. One friend actually offered to trade his board for mine, but I’ll never want to ride anything but this now, so it goes without saying that I told him no deal.

In my opinion the actual inflation time of any inflatable SUP is the biggest drawback, but the included hand pump works very well and I had my board completely inflated in a matter of minutes, much quicker than every other inflatable SUP review had claimed.

Check out this video to see what I mean…

Once you have it inflated the attached carrying handle makes it a breeze to tote in and out of the water.

You Can’t Ask Much More From A Board

As an activity I highly recommend giving stand up paddle boarding a shot. Not only am I getting a workout that feels like I just got home from the gym, but it is amazing amounts of fun at the same time.

The Tower Adventurer is not the very first board I tried, I had been out on one of my friends standard boards twice before I bought my own, but being as inexperienced as I was I can confidently add to this inflatable SUP review that this is a great model for people to begin with. It didn’t take long at all before I was entirely comfortable.

Also, if you are the type who likes rivers as opposed to lakes or bays an inflatable SUP is really the only way to go. This board was recommended for river riding, in one inflatable SUP review, as the best and most durable option.

I have tried just a little bit of river riding, but I can tell you the the Tower Adventurer handles rocks with ease and with very minimal scuffing, if any.

Overall the build quality on this thing is fantastic.

It’s really everything they claim it is.

I’ve had it a few months, used it dozens of times, and it still looks almost brand new.

I can’t say enough how satisfied I am with this board. The Tower Adventurer really is “the” inflatable stand up paddle board board to have.

Every time I blow it up it turns heads, and it backs up all the flash with rock solid performance. A truly great product from a great company.

This is the best board I’ve ever owned!!!

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