Are You Looking For a New Adventure?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to try something different?

best inflatable supI was asking myself that very question a couple summers back, and my answer was stand up paddle boarding. After trying it a few times I wanted to get one of my own, but I didn’t really have the space for a full sized board anywhere in my small apartment.

That led me to inflatable boards. I read several different reviews searching for the right one, until I was almost sick of it, but I had to find the best inflatable sup.

Eventually I stumbled across the Tower Adventurer inflatable, and it definitely stands out above the rest in terms of build quality and performance as well. Tower advertises top of the line specs and stability that other companies cannot match, and they deliver. The Adventurer is light but feels very solid, and I really feel like it is the best inflatable SUP on the market.

The Competition Can’t Compare

Other companies often come up short in similar areas. They’re usually only around four inches thick, for starters. This means they are going to sag in the middle and eventually you will end up standing in a puddle. Not ideal, and definitely would never happen on a standard board.

Also they tend to have stability issues and some cheaper models can even come apart at the seams! None of this is an issue for the Tower Adventurer.

While all inflatable boards help to solve the storage and transportation problems inherent in a standard board the Tower Adventurer does all that and far surpasses the competition.

It really feels like riding a standard board. The extra thick design makes it very rigid with no sagging, and it’s very stable in the water as well.

Tower really knows how to make the best inflatable sup on the market, but they go beyond that.

They Cover All Your Needs

best inflatable supFirst of all let me say that if you buy a package from them not only are you getting the best inflatable SUP on the market, but the included pump works very well and the paddle they send with it is very stiff and feels great in your hand.

You by no means need to go out and buy any other accessories to fully enjoy your board, they take care of you.

If you are not wild at the thought of working a hand pump to inflate your SUP, then they do also offer a very nice electric pump to take care of all that for you. It runs off of a standard 12-V cigarette lighter plug in, or there are optional 12-V battery cables.

It even has an amazing “set it and forget it” PSI gauge that shuts off automatically when it gets to your selected PSI setting. As much as I use my Adventurer I’m really thinking of getting this thing.

So Many Best Inflatable SUP Options

best inflatable supIf you feel like you need something different they do have a plethora of options, starting with four different varieties of the best inflatable sup boards to choose from.

Among those varieties they offer a fourteen foot long touring edition called the Xplorer, which was too long for me but would be great if you wanted to take out a friend or a pet dog, or just wanted that extra stability in choppier water.

I went for the smaller one for easier transportation. So I opted for the nine foot, ten inch option with a six inch thickness, which is the Adventurer.

I’m confident that either one I would have chosen would still be the best inflatable SUP that I could buy.

Extra Thickness

I have had no issues at all with the six inch thickness, it really translates to a stiffness equivalent to a standard board and I really think it’s the best inflatable SUP out there, but they offer both the Adventurer and theXplorer in an 8 inch thickness that I can only imagine makes them practically just as rigid as a fiberglass board and completely eliminate any water from flooding up over the top.

But There’s So Much More

They also offer a variety of different main fins to choose from, with options for river specific fins along with others. I like to take mine on rivers, and changing out the fin really helps with avoiding the rocks.

Even though they are very solidly attached and mine has very little signs of wear it is still nice to know I can always order another one if anything were to happen, or if it got misplaced.

Don’t forget the Accessories

best inflatable supAlong with the best inflatable SUP on the market they also offer other luxuries such as Waterman’s sunscreen which is chosen specifically for paddle boarding. I ordered some and just tried it for the first time about a month ago. It works great, of course.

If you are like me and you need music to accompany you everywhere they also offer a selection of waterproof headphones, even a water resistant smartphone armband case, along with a belt for attaching it to your waist. It’s an absolute must for me, and I did eventually get one. It’s very comfortable, and I love it.

You Can’t Go Wrong

They really thought of everything. Tower Paddle Boards always seems to be the prefered brand in any inflatable sup review. They not only make the best inflatable SUP out there, hands down, but really go out of their way to be a one stop internet shop for all your inflatable stand up paddle board needs.

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