SUP Inflatable Vs. Fiberglass Boards

Attention All You Stand Up Paddle Board Enthusiasts!

sup inflatableHave you ever considered trying an inflatable paddle board? Me either. But I found myself having to move to a small living space, which meant I had to endure the difficult task of downsizing. Unfortunately, my fiberglass stand up paddle board, which I LOVE, was one of the things I no longer had room for. So I set out to see if I could find a SUP inflatable that would be comparable to my board.

I had heard some of the drawbacks and I definitely wanted to find the best possible alternative to my fiberglass board in order to save some space. Luckily for me there are plenty of SUP inflatable options to choose from, all with various advantages and disadvantages.

But one stands out above the rest.

That one is the Tower Adventurer SUP inflatable. I have to say, after using the Tower Adventurer more than a few times I am really impressed with how much like a standard board it feels like when you are out on your favorite lake or river or bay.

Almost every SUP Inflatable comes up short in the same ways.

The majority of them are not very thick, somewhere around four inches. This does not translate to keeping your feet dry very well. Water often splashes up over the side and then pools up in the low spots, not much like a standard board.

While inflatables give you the advantage of being easier to store, that usually means that you have to sacrifice some rigidity on the board. But with the Tower Adventurer this couldn’t be farther from the truth. This SUP inflatable doesn’t feel like an inflatable at all once it’s blown up.

I couldn’t believe how well the pump works too.

So Easy To Transport!

It’s light enough that one person can easily carry it down to the water’s edge and launch it with no problems. It’s way easier than trying to lug around a full size standard fiberglass stand up paddle board.

sup inflatableTransporting a full sized board can be pretty tricky. But with a SUP inflatable you can just throw it in the trunk or back seat and you are good to go. No roof racks or straps or add­ons to buy. This is huge for people who drive smaller cars.

In fact it is so small you can even bike with it. Just throw it in your favorite large backpack and you are on your way to the river. If you don’t have one Tower does offer specially designed packs on their website for a reasonable price.

The integrated carrying handle is very solid and makes it very easy to carry this thing around, another huge plus. Then when you are finished just roll it up and throw it back in the trunk.

Nothing could be easier.

Inflatables Can Be Better!

There is another huge advantage to riding a SUP inflatable over a standard board, and that is found most readily in river riding. For a regular board the idea of banging and slamming off of rocks in a river sounds like a recipe for disaster, but this is not even close to the case for a SUP inflatable.

The Tower Adventurer handles minor collisions with ease. Not only has it held up to the various impacts and rough rides I’ve been on, but it does so with very minimal damage.

This thing barely has a scratch on it where a normal board would have gotten destroyed and been harder to get to the water. The extra thickness of the Tower Adventurer model definitely makes this feel like a higher quality experience, and in my opinion the best inflatable sup on the market.

By far the biggest hassle of owning a SUP inflatable is actually, well, inflating it. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t want to have to go out and buy an electric pump because you don’t want to sit around forever trying to blow this thing up, but the included hand pump in the package I received from Tower got the job done in mere minutes.

I had this SUP inflatable blown up and ready for the water before I knew it. Then I was out on the water, paddling away.

There’s even room for an extra person, or furry little canine companion.

Amaze Everyone Who Sees It!

My friends with their regular fiberglass stand up paddle boards scoffed at my little rolled up inflatable, some saying it would never be able to keep up and my feet would constantly be wet from the sagging common in most SUP inflatable boards. Once it was inflated, however, they were all shocked at how stiff and sturdy it was, and especially how nice it felt in the water.

One friend in particular asked me to trade him boards, because he lives in an apartment similar to mine and was tired of seeing his board leaned up against the wall in his living room like a piece of furniture.

I told him that he would have to get his own. I’m never letting go of my inflatable SUP, and I am so glad I decided to buy the Tower Adventurer.

Get out there and try one for yourself!!

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